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My name is Richard Hurwitz, I am the Protégé of the $21.9B Dollar man, Jay A, who is the highest paid marketing expert in the world'

We show you three {3} ways to'' Grow Any Business'' plus the twenty eight additional strategies that make it all work. Ten percent can make a significant difference in your bottom line. Most businesses work in increments, instead of Geometrically. Your bottom line profits are better when working Geometrically. Connect with us so we can assist you in making your business work hard for you, instead of you working hard for your business.

Get the '' The Ten Biggest Marketing Mistakes for Free'' and how to avoid them. When you sign up I will give you them.

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We offer businesses a plan of action, a way to grow and keep growing

We can change businesses from being Incremental to Geometric. Let the clients business work hard for them in order to make bigger profits, instead of them working hard for their businesses. See below some of things we do to put your business ahead.

U.S.P. (unique selling proposition)

Parthenon income streams.

Host Beneficiary relationships.

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Hi my name is Richard Hurwitz

"Low Cost, High Impact Marketing and Allied Strategies that Places your Business ahead of your competitors."

Richard Hurwitz

Chief Executive Officer


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